If you run a website or blog, you can use Google AdSense to monetize it. This program is bound to make you a monetary champ. Anyone with an online presence can get clients or sales through this platform. Here’s how to make money with Google Adsense

Google makes money by serving your ads. You make money when users click on them. The algorithm is fascinating. Google utilizes its search technology to serve advertisements relevant to the web pages.

Let’s say someone is writing about Black Friday Sale. Google will serve ads that feature brands that are giving off sales. If you’re the brand owner, you’ll get paid every time someone clicks on that ad. This process is called Cost Per Click, or CPC advertising.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a platform that connects publishers and advertisers. Publishers share their website to the network, and a bid ensues. Advertisers bid to display those ads on their websites. They seek advertisements that are relevant to them.

The publisher gets paid when a website user clicks or views that ad. Hence, it’s important to make relevant ads. That’s the secret on how to make money with Google Adsense. The publisher gets a portion of the advertiser’s bid. Google takes the rest as the fee.

Now, creating a profile here is tricky. Google is nit-picky about who gets to be in the ad network. The company doesn’t want to compromise on quality and integrity. You need to comply with Google’s policies to open an account successfully.

An account takes roughly a day or two to get accepted. However, sometimes, it can even take a week or more. Try creating a website that has unique content. Moreover, if you have steady traffic, you shouldn’t have a problem opening an account.

How Does It Work?

If you want to learn how to make money with Google Adsense, you’re in the right place. You can earn money by displaying your ads on different online platforms. It could be websites, blogs, or even YouTube videos.

You essentially get paid by Google once users click on your ads. It’s all about “impressions” and making impressions. Also, the ads could be in various forms. It could be texts, images, videos, or even interactive media like polls.

However, you need to be relevant and unique. An ad auction system selects the ads. The highest bidder gets the ad. The ad is selected through different targeting processes. Let’s take a look.

Contextual Targeting

Google analyzes the keywords in an ad and finds a website relevant to it.

Placement Targeting

Here, advertisers can choose where the ad will appear. In addition, you can specify your target audience.

Personalized Targeting

Advertisers can pick websites that cater to their niche. For example, the ad could be about My Hero Academia action figurines.

Types of Google AdSense Ads

Once your account is set, you can start utilizing the platform to generate revenues. However, you cannot ask “How to make money with Google Adsense?” without knowing the different types of ads.

You’ll find five types of ads in Google AdSense. Let’s take a quick look.

Display Ads

These ads are the most responsive and accommodating. They can fit on almost every screen. You can also configure it to have fixed sizes.

In-feed Ads

In-feed ads fit in a feed, sidebar, or list. These tend to flow, which enhances the user experience.

In-article Ads

Ads that fit within the context of an article without ruining the reader’s experience are in-article ads.

Matched Content Ads

These ads are pretty helpful. They increase your pageviews and user time.

Link Ads

Link ads come in a text link format in a fixed size. They feature topics relevant to your web content.

Keep an Eye Out for Competitors

Running ads isn’t easy. You need to look out for your competitors too. What if someone sells something similar? Are you directly competing with someone? How will you ensure your product comes out on top?

More importantly, what if your competitor pops up on your website?

Don’t fret. Google thought about everything. You can block around 500 URLs. However, you need to see what sort of ads appear. You might not even see the ads if you use AdSense. The platform prevents you from seeing where the link is being directed to.


Analyze the product you’re selling. Make a list of the top URLs that pop up. Then, block them. It helps you pinpoint your competition.

How to Maximize Revenue with Google Adsense

If you want to know how to make money with Google Adsense, these tips might come in handy. In addition, you can follow some simple steps to make money. Here’s how.

Make use of search engine optimization (SEO). Incorporate keywords in your content and blogs.

Learn more about the subject and share your knowledge. Writing more helps Google find what to feed into.

Write frequently. Content is king. It’s important to dish out relevant content to generate traffic.

Be precise. Don’t write anything challenging to read. Complicated things don’t encourage traffic.

Find your niche. If you enjoy your content, others will too!

You need to be a rule-abiding individual for making steady earnings on this platform. Here’s what you should or shouldn’t do while using Google AdSense.

  • Thoroughly abide by Google policies. Read the Google Publisher and AdSense program policies. Learn every nitty-gritty detail.
  • Don’t press on your ads!
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) spaces go against Google policies. So, avoid those entirely!
  • Give your target audience content they want to read. This trick makes users click on the ads more.
  • Again, optimize SEOs. They will help you build organic traffic.
  • Build a responsive site so your target market can find you.
  • ·         Optimize the format of the ad, so it works on every platform.

Final Thoughts

By now, you should be ready to take on the digital world with Google AdSense. Use these tips and tricks to make the most of your online presence!