With Google Ads, your customers will be able to find your business at the precise moment they’re looking for your service.

Google Ads Management

Selecting a provider to develop and manage your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign is an important decision with significant implications. You want to know your investment in a PPC Campaign will provide a positive Return On Investment.

With Google’s precise targeting and your ability to control how much you’re willing to pay per click, the end result is a higher return on investment (ROI) for your advertising budget.

1. Website

We will design and provide a dedicated website intended to get the visitor to call your phone number.

2. Assessment, Create And Manage Your Google Pay-Per-Click Campaign.

I will do extensive keyword research and setup a Google Pay-Per-Click campaign with multiple different ad groups (each with different keyword groupings and different ads)

Google’s AdWords uses keywords that potential customer searches online to determine the relevance to your ads and position of your ads, among other factors. In order to come up with the most efficient keywords for your business, we will:

  1. Perform independent research to better understand your business, industry and online competition.
  1. Perform research on top industry keywords that will drive most visitors to your website.
  1. Analyze your current campaign if any, from your ads groups, keywords and various reports, and give recommendation on refining the keywords. ads groups and campaign.
  1. Analyze CPC (cost per click) on current keywords and groups.
  2. Examine your current website, coding and landing pages against Ads guidelines.
  1. Use Keyword Tool to help building a master list of keywords for ads groups and reviewing detailed keyword performance statistics.

3. Development and Implementation

Once the assessment is completed, we move onto creating new ads campaign with ads groups, keywords and ads text for each group.

Standard procedures include:

  1. Creating ads campaign, with settings such as daily budget, ads scheduling, position preference, search network selection, target geographic area, as well as target language.
  1. Creating ads groups according to the relevance to your products and services, as well as your marketing objectives.
  1. Assigning keywords to relevant ads groups, with about 5-6 keywords for each group.
  1. Crafting actual result-oriented ads text for each ads group. Two versions of ads text will be created for performance comparison.
  1. Using Traffic Estimator to do an estimate of keywords performance, and determine the CPC value for optimal ads positioning.
  1. Mapping keywords/keyword groups to their landing pages.  Implementing Conversion Tracking for your ads campaign.  Conversion Tracking will help you identify the keywords that actually lead to a purchase or lead so that you can make smarter budgeting decisions.
  1. Installing and testing Conversion Tracking code on tracking pages.
  1. Making or recommending website or landing page changes to improve its quality.

4. Monitoring, Reporting and Optimization, Split-Test Multiple Different Ads To Get You The Most Leads And The Cheapest Cost Per Click

For each ad group I will split-test multiple ads, thereby finding the ad that gets the highest number of clicks. This will get you more leads, and in addition, Google rewards people who get a high Click-through rate by giving you a lower cost per click.

Timely monitoring and reporting is essential to the overall PPC campaign management. Without monitoring and budget management, a PPC campaign risks going over budget by paying more per click than necessary. Also your campaign risks being overpowered by competitor, and under-performed due to changing market condition.

We will run weekly reporting as:

  1. Statistical Reporting –See your average actual CPC, impressions, ads clicks, CTR (click through rate), average ads position, and cost. This reporting is available for each keywords, ads groups, campaigns, and account.
  1. Financial Reporting –Review a detailed billing summary and campaign costs.
  1. Conversion Reporting –Track your Ads conversions.
  2. Monitoring and reporting will help us refine keywords, ads text, ads groups and campaigns, and insures that your ads

5. Ongoing Testing, Tweaking, And Optimization Of Your Campaign To Continue To Increase The Number Of Leads You Receive And Lower Your Cost Per Click.

Every month I will analyze all of the keywords and ad Click-through data very carefully, and will make the necessary tweaks and improvements to ensure your account continues to improve instead of decline.

There Are 2 Ways That You Will Be Receiving These Google Leads

  1. Someone that clicks on your Google ad will call the phone number on the website asking for your service. (Please have someone available to answer the phone at all times that the ads are running, and preferably someone that is trained to convert these phone leads into appointments)
  2. If they don’t call, the prospect may setup an appointment on the webpage.

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